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Glasgow Techno Veteran Solipsism Announces Hypnagogo EP on 12" Vinyl

Glasgow Ambient Techno master and experimental connoisseur Craig Murphy aka Solipsism is pleased to reveal his new four-track EP 'Hypnagogo' will be released on 12" 180 gram audiophile vinyl with striking artwork on February 26, 2018. The Experimental Techno/IDM hybrid project has already received critical praise and received support from the likes of Soma Records, Joe Muggs (Mixmag, The Guardian), Is This Music? and Indie Rock Mag, as well as radio stations around the globe. Speaking about Hypnagogo, Murphy says: ..."Hypnagogo was my first foray into deep electronic music that blended the styles I'm most known for working in: Techno, Ambient and IDM. 2018 will have at least two vinyl releases by Solipsism and one Ambient CD on the highly rated Carpe Sonum Records which houses artists such as David Morley, Thomas P. Heckkmann, Nacht Plank and many others. My main focus though, is building the reputation of Ambidextrous Records and giving Glasgow another strong outlet for high quality electronic music"

Track Listing A1: Error Hash Mirror Mountain A2: Sea Dweller B1: Hypnagogo B2: Fast Rubber Taxis Pre-Order Vinyl from Redeye Records now. Distributed by Juno Records Mastered by Black Particle Artwork by Chris Weeks Email for a promo copy and/or any other requests

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Solipsism is legendary Scottish producer Craig Murphy, whose panoramic soundscapes and eclectic production style has drawn comparisons with the likes of Deepchord and Boards of Canada. His music has been played by BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, XFM London, BBC Radio Scotland, Digital Nimbus and many more leading stations. His compositions have also appeared in everything from independent films to mainstream television shows. Notable channel credits in the UK include Channel 4 and Channel 5. As exemplified by his extensive and wide-ranging catalogue (available on Spotify and other digital platforms), his music has spanned everything from Techno to Ambient House to Funky Electro. Murphy's albums feature collaborations with leading electronic producers such as 808 State and Metamatics. He also released an album with UK top 40 group Delicatessen's Neil Carlill as part of the group Shoosh in 2008. His role as founder of Ambidextrous Records has seen him expand his reach further. Last month's OHM compilation, the first first vinyl release on the label, featured artists such as Norken, Christ. (ex-Boards of Canada) and Mick Chillage. However, Ambidextrous isn't his first major venture into the world of IDM. He founded the popular cross-genre label Herb Recordings in 2006, which ran for seven years. In that time, he's released music with respected labels such as Silent Records, Carpe Sonum Records, Databloem, Touched Music for MacMillan, Txt Recordings, Cathedral Transmissions, Envizagae, Section 27, Odd John Records and several others.

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